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Milky Mail

With my experience in email marketing, I decided to launch a platform that would help others find inspiration for their next campaign. My stack includes: Next.js for the website, Firebase for storage, and a fun integration of Notion to power the blog section.


Project Overview

Milky Mail offers inspiration and education in email marketing through informative articles on design, copywriting, and marketing optimization. It also showcases successful email marketing campaigns for practical insights.

Milky Mail

Custom CMS Solution

I'm a Notion enthusiast and wanted to integrate it with my website's blog to streamline my writing and publishing process. Before Notion's official API release, I created a method to transform Notion into a blog platform. This solution simplified blog post publishing and provided control over meta tags. I made it accessible to the public for others to benefit from as well.

Upload Chrome Extension

Since Milky Mail had a need of constant additions of new cool emails, I wanted to make a solution for a quick upload. I made a very simple chrome extension that saves html code for emails that I like to Firebase database.