Unhuman Compositions - So Steve


I was approached by a digital artist, Damjanski, to create an experimental NFT project. The idea was to develop a tool that would assist people in creating art using only their camera. By connecting YOLOv3, React, and Solidity, I created an efficient solution that can transform anyone into an artist.


Project Overview

"Unhuman Compositions" is a collection of 777 participatory generative photography NFTs by Damjanski – each generated when you take a photo with the camera of your smartphone. Each NFT is fully stored and rendered on chain.

Algorithm summary

The app works by taking a picture, applying an object detection model, finding the coordinates of the object, and saving them to the contract.

Cost optimization

To create an art piece on blockchain, some money is needed for the computational cost. Initially, I tried to store the entire artwork, but that turned out to be expensive. To address this issue, I wrote a custom smart contract that stores only the most essential data on the blockchain. As a result, the efficiency of the code increased by more than 10x.

The smart contract efficency improved 10x